Review: Ferocious Dog – Kleptocracy

Ferocious Dog

Kleptocracy – Graphite Records

Folk Punks Ferocious Dog are one of those acts that act as a kind of pendulum weight within their part of the music spectrum. They help keep things in balance while also giving listeners an opportunity to search their own conscience. This is an album of protest songs that focus the mind on subjects all too familiar in many cases, but with fresh insight and intelligence. The lyrics are more about how and why things are wrong than a call for direct confrontation. They leave you to make your own mind up about the injustices of life and what your actions should be. And that lack of preachiness is what makes Kleptocracy such a great album. It obviously also helps that the music is dynamite to dance to. The hi tempo fiddle led writing is bouncier than your first time out learning to drive. It’s way more fun too. There’s a speedy version of ‘Matty Groves’ thrown in for good measure mid album as well. The traditional song dates back to the early seventeenth century proving that we really haven’t moved on very far, at least when it comes to jealousy, class war and seeking revenge. Ferocious Dog don’t really need to push boundaries when they sound this good doing what everybody loves them for.

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Review by Gary Trueman