Review: The Empty Page – Imploding

The Empty Page

Imploding – Vociferous Records

One of Manchester’s finest The Empty Page have left it a long four years to release the follow up to debut album ‘Unfolding’. It’s pretty clear right from opener ‘Dry Ice’ that they haven’t been idle. You can hear that the drive remains, and that the core of Kel (vocals) and Giz (guitar) are as passionate and focussed as ever. Drummer John Simm (also of Blossoms) sounds right at home too. There’s a clear expansion on ‘Imploding’ from earlier work, a maturing and also a willingness to experiment too. The trademark grunge punk fusion and punchy vox are given a broader canvass to explore, which in turn gives the band a more diverse sound. Lyrically the record isn’t just observational, or even simply personal, it feels more like moments captured that we can all recognise and have true empathy with. First single ‘Cock Of The Fifth Year’ is all about the puffed up chested numpties that swagger their way through school, and what happens afterwards when they fade into premature insignificance. This alone is a song that will put a smile on many a face. ‘Imploding’ is positivity for the masses. It’s a voice of solidarity for those most in need of it.

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Review by Gary Trueman