Live Review: Ferocious Dog

Ferocious Dog

Nottingham Rock City -304/2022

Feorocious Dog have grown into something of a cult band recently with a strong following throughout the UK and beyond. Nottingham though is their stronghold. Here is where you can guarantee a sell out and enthusiastic crowd. They’ve opened the Beta venue next door too so you can catch Jolly Roger, Sir Curse, Shanks’ Pony, Nasty Fishmonger and Chloe Rodgers in an afternoon extravaganza if you wish to. The more intimate atmosphere is perfect for these acts.

Early evening in Rock City itself Fudge let the audience blow off plenty of steam with their guitar driven sound. Fans of Idles will be well advised to check these guys out. Next up is former FD member Les Carter warming things up nicely under the moniker ‘Fruitbat from Carter USM’s ABDOUJAPAROV’. Mellower and more measured than Fudge it’s a great bridge to the main act. Carter might be rubbing along but he still knows how to make a great impression.

Playing for nearly two hours and including much of their latest album ‘The Hope’ this is a home town gig that allows Ferocious Dog plenty of room to manoeuvre. The line up is fresh too with Kyle Peters – Guitar, Nick Wragg- Bass and Luke Grainger- Drums having all joined or rejoined (Peters) in recent months. You never guess with the sextet sounding as tight as ever. Multi-instrumentalist Sam Wood puts in an impressive shift switching from accordion to strings of various types without missing a beat. Ken Bonsall works his magic in a typical down to earth performance. His vocals suiting the song writing to a tee. What elevates the music though is Dan Booth’s turn on fiddle. His playing punches through creating moods of joy, and sadness, turning each tune into something quite beautiful. We already know folk rock popularised by acts such as The Levellers make great use of this instrument. Tonight Booth takes it further and gives Ferocious Dog a unique identity. An inspired cover of Hazel O’Conner’s ‘Will You’ needs a mention too. O’Conner, unable to join in due to ill health would have loved it. For two hours a sold out Rock City gets to forget the ills of the world and just bask in a band at the top of their game.  Long may it continue.

Review and photos by Gary Trueman