Review: Desperate Measures – Sublime Destruction

Desperate Measures

Sublime Destruction – Cadiz Music

You can hear the sound genuine experience and quality makes right from the off on Sublime Destruction. It sits somewhere in between rock and punk with a retro feel that makes you think of the heady days when CBGBs was making it’s mark as a venue. The clever bit about this album is that it also sounds as bright as a pin too. It may have its roots in the 80s with founder and singer Eugene Butcher now surrounded by a new band, but it takes a little of the best from subsequent decades as well. The melodies are sweetly written, the hooks are big and the lyrics are of the now. Everything bounces along with plenty of energy. There’s enough grit to please older fans and some lovely slick arrangements for the younger ones. You get big nods to The Cult and The Stooges with consistency throughout being the order of the day. This is press play and enjoy all day at its finest.

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Review by Gary Trueman