Interview: Introducing…Inheritor

We bring you the big names, we bring you the festivals, we bring you everything we think you’d like, and we also bring you emerging bands. Here with us at Cult Wing today, Leeds up and comers, Inheritor are in the house.

We are joined by Tye, singer and Ryan the guitarist of Inheritor. Their catchy EP, ‘Chaos Sermons’ out and making the rounds and they filmed a video for lead track ‘13 Feet Beneath’…

How many feet beneath is it in the title of the track Tye?

Tye responds, “13.”

(I was going to say 6)

Tye continues, “But… I’ll tell you what, the amount of time it took for me to calcify and consolidate in my head the title I’d given that song. Every time I was saying it, it was just a misnomer, I was like I need to remember what I said. So, it’s 13 feet beneath. 13 feet beneath.

And there’s a video on YouTube for this track?

Yeah, we dropped the single a few days before the EP, the videos done really well.

We mention that it has a great chorus on it.

“Thank you, if people think rock and roll and metal and everything’s glorious, I can tell you now it’s not, because I wrote that chorus whilst I was digging concrete out in Birmingham in the absolute freezing cold, soaking wet, and I was just sat listening to the demo, so yeah, the expression comes at weird times.”

We agree many songs have been thought up whilst on the toilet.

Tye laughs, “You do eat a lot of spicy stuff, don’t you? So, I wouldn’t expect anything less.” 

So, what would you say your major influences are in Inheritor?

“We all have you know you’ve got like your holy grail of popular metal bands everybody knows, going into that, everyone likes the same heavy bands to a degree.”

We mention we know Tye likes a lot of extreme metal, he continues,

“I like the underground stuff. For me, it’s just, the bands that have always made me love music, want to write. This is where all the actual underground and elite bands go “Tye’s cool, he’s in a young, kind of popular sounding band, but he represents the underground. But, this is also where they’re all gonna call me a poser on their laptops. Who cares? I like, Bullet For My Valentine, Parkway Drive, and It Dies Today. I used to be really into Disturbed back in the day and Slipknot, all those guys. I like a lot of the bands that people forget about, like Bleeding Through, Poison The Well, As I Lay Dying, and also bands like At The Gates, bits like Deicide, Morbid Angel. I love the old school kind of death metal. I like the 90s era, when music was a bit more cutting edge and dangerous. I do like big riffs. Short answer, the entire spectrum. I love all of it. I love The Darkness, I love Behemoth.”

We feel Ryan should get a look in here, so we ask him about his guitar inspirations, he responds,

“Big inspirations for me guitar wise, like Sinister Gates from Sevenfold.”

We opine that Mr Gates is a deceptively technical guitar player, Ryan agrees,

“Yeah, 100%. I do love some technical playing.”

We say we do like the fact that he’s trying to pretend he’s not technical these days, but he really is technical.

“He’s such a virtuoso, and he’s so eclectic. So, him and also, Jeff Wing from Parkway Drive. I do really like technical playing, but at the same time, catchy riffs every time. If you’ve got a catchy riff in an intro, it’s one of those things that grabs you.”

We know Inheritor like their hardcore because we’ve seen them fit on bills supporting the likes of Graphic Nature, so we quiz them on their views about the hardcore scene and more specifically the crowd behaviour getting more violent at hardcore events at times. Where do they stand as a young band in the debate about crowd killing?

“I don’t know, it’s a weird one. Because to some degree, it’s like any form of event where you get people and the energy’s high. It’s like going on a roller coaster. It’s like any kind of adrenaline – fuelled or thrill-seeking form of entertainment or spending your time. There’s a sense of risk there, but it’s kind of controlled. Whereas if you’re at a gig and someone’s crowd killing, you can get a heel to the face, it’s not exactly fair, but then again, if you go into a gig, it’s finding that balance of personal responsibility and societal expectation for me. I think if you get to a gig and someone’s swinging their fists and that, but they’re kind of staying in their own bubble.

Whatever. Swing fists at yourself. I mean, this thing is like me and Ryan. We’ve been about a bit. We’re young, physical jobs doing blue collar lads. If you come up and your heel kick goes in the face, you’re gonna get…  I’m gonna say something, or I’m gonna make a snarky comment about your cargo pants and you know, that are 10 times too big for you. Like everything, in moderation. Yeah, it comes with the territory, but I think it boils down to don’t be whining and don’t be a dick and if everybody did that a lot of people would get on a lot more.”

We bring up the fact that if you looked at the Guardian’s coverage of Download Festival you would have seen a familiar face in there!

“Right, there’s a story behind that.” says Tye.

Go ahead, we like stories.

“Undeath were playing, amazing, absolutely insane. So, I was kind of playing pit uncle and I was like making sure everybody was okay. It got to the last song of the Undeath set and I just went, I’m gonna go have a bit of Tye time now, I think. So, I think I’ve earned it. So yeah, I just got into a bit of a pit, having a bit of a mosh, and the guy with the camera just shot that, and I went, arrrrrgh! So, for that split second, I was like a raving lunatic, and I was actually being the most boring guy at the death metal show.”

It was an excellent photo. Photographers definitely look for photos like that.

On that note, we say goodbye to Inheritor for now and encourage you to check out their new EP ‘Chaos Sermons’ on all platforms now and maybe catch them live sometime!

Interview & Table Image By George Miller –

Band Photo Credits: Alex Dixon – Black Box Photo Co  –