Review: No Worth Of Man – What’s Your Damage?

No Worth Of Man
What’s Your Damage?
– Self released
With an aesthetic that conjures visions of vampire hunters in 1980’s Miami, No Worth Of Man
have a sound that’s equally colourful, and after a Robocop-style introduction they get straight
down to business with the hard-hitting ‘Into The Dirt’. With big chunky riffs, chest-thumping
drums and gruff vocals, there’s a lot here to like and the band proceed to dish out the good stuff.
Operating as a three-piece ensures a tight unit and there’s a singularity of focus which channels
all their energies into a finely honed laser beam. The result is a band who play with mechanical
precision and this means cuts such as ‘An Unpaintable Soul’ go straight for the jugular, and then
feed off the listener’s lifeblood. It all adds up to a huge, impenetrable wall of sound, and one
which threatens to topple over you at any moment. Setting the scene with a few choice samples,
the band create a real sense of time and place and you can clearly visualise the characters who
inhabit these songs, so much so that they seemed to have stepped out of a movie set. Heavy
metal Miami Vice? You heard it here first!

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Review by Peter Dennis