Live Review: Cabal & Supports, Rebellion, Manchester

We’re in for a real treat tonight as Rebellion, Manchester gets hit by a stacked dizzying four pack of modern metal.

Lifesick kicked things off with a great line in groove laden, Entombed influenced, HM-2 worshipping hardcore, commanding frontman, Nicolai Lindegaard has a hell of a bellow! As we’re gifted a guest spot from Andreas of Cabal we can safely say, Lifesick are as subtle as a bag of hammers!

Vexed, positively exploded onto the stage, as reliable as ever and charged up from a week in Europe. The band are now clearly a well-oiled machine. Megan and Jay are in especially energetic form. ‘Lay Down Your Flowers’ in particular stands out as an early highlight. Megan seems as enraptured in the moment as ever and once again shows why she’s such a strong role model and vocalist. The one two punches of ‘Anti- Fetish’ and ‘Hideous’ seals the deal here. Vexed leaves the stage with mass calls for an encore and a hyped-up audience.

Viscera specialise in epic searing death metal with shades of Whitechapel style deathcore. ‘Obsidian’ and ‘Rats With Wings’ are notable highlights of a passionate, precise and highly technical performance. Stunning twin guitar work leads the charge with lightning-fast drumming. Finishing on the huge blasting breakneck run through of ‘Sungazer’ augmented with soaring operatic clean vocals reminiscent of Burton C Bell and racing, tranced out synth patches.

Onstage floral displays are unusual for death metal/deathcore gigs, but Cabal are anything but ordinary. Bringing a strong mix of old and new. The dazzling white lights and true hardcore influence infecting their take on death metal. This band excels in fusing doomy experimental soundscapes to give an overall sinister edge. Their slower breakdowns are utterly crushing and totally bleak. This is not happy music but contradicting that they seem like a very happy band punctuating the gloom with lots of onstage banter. Later Cabal utilise tightly programmed trap hi hats to penetrate the mix with rapid fire urgency proving this is also a culturally aware band. Skittering leads and a heavy as molasses approach to riffing mean that what Cabal lack in anthems they make up for in heft. Violent Ends’ crushes and latest album title track ‘Magno Interitus’ leaves a lasting impression and sounds brutal and expansive with its huge dark synths. Cabal are on a death march tonight indeed with big big smiles on their sick sick faces!

An amazing tour package with all bases covered, we certainly walk away feeling that Vexed won’t be playing places this size for long!

Review & Images By George Miller –


Lifesick & Guest Singer Cabal