Review: Sophie Lloyd – Imposter Syndrome

Sophie Lloyd

Imposter Syndrome – Autumn Records

When shredders make albums they’re often self-indulgent affairs that put the mighty six strings ahead of everything else. They’re a way to show off, usually to such an extent that their technical brilliance is lost in a fog of mediocrity elsewhere. The first clue that Sophie Lloyd has created something different is in the title ‘Imposter Syndrome’. It’s like she is pinching herself to make sure this is actually happening. Then when you give it a spin what you hear is a supremely well constructed set of hard rock songs that have balance at their heart. Guest vocalists abound allowing the feel of each song to differ markedly while continuity is provided by consistent structure in the writing. Of course we get some sensational guitar work and mind blowing solos but not at the expense of anything else. Drums, bass and those turns at the mic all have their moments. Highlights include the title track featuring Lzzy Hale and ‘Won’t You Come’ with former band mate Marisa Rodriguez in particularly fine form. Above all else ‘Imposter Syndrome’ rocks its socks off in an all killer no filler way that puts many other guitarist driven records to shame. Sophie Lloyd has announced herself in the best possible way.

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Review by Gary Trueman