Review: Diablofurs – Welcome To The City Of Fun


Welcome To The City Of Fun – Punk Fox

Fusing rock, punk and pop the Diablofurs put a whole new spin on that wonderful melodic independent and innovative sound we took for granted in the 80s and 90s. Every track here is a ray of sunshine. The increased use of synth works so well too marking a big step forward in the writing. While there’s a big retro feel, particularly in the production, this is also clearly a record that has its lyrics and techniques firmly set in 2023. The arrangements are progressive with some great harmonies thrown into the mix. Diablofurs are one of those bands that are well known and rightly popular on the underground circuit in the UK. They are loved by other musicians both for their ability on stage and their easy to like demeanour off of it. ‘Welcome To The City Of Fun’ cements what many already know, that they are a class act. Hopefully it’ll prove to be the breakthrough record they richly deserve.

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Review by Gary Trueman