Review: In This Moment – Godmode

In This Moment

Godmode – BMG

While music is often cyclical it’s not often you get an artist truly drive forwards while having an eye firmly in the rear view mirror. In This Moment buck the trend with an album that underscores their position as one of metal’s great innovators while also drawing from their years of experience. Crucial to this is the writing partnership of Maria Brink and Chris Howorth whose angles of attack should, and probably do, sometimes clash, but who have formed a unique partnership at the same time. Howorth brings the rawness, the guitars and the foundation. He does the heavy lifting. Brink adds those wild vocals, the snap, the pop and the crackle. She does the fabric and formation. And the rest of the band, Travis Johnson, Randy Weitzel and (relative) new boy Kent Diimmel bring the party. This is very much a full team effort. ‘Godmode’ doesn’t have the high tempo of the band’s earlier work but it does have the power. It feels immense. The vocals remind you a little of the ‘Blood’ and ‘Black Widow’ era. The production is firmly ‘Mother’ and ‘Ritual’. There’s a stonking and beautifully sympathetic re-imagining of Bjork’s classic ‘Army Of Me’. Not many would even attempt to cover such an iconic and difficult song. You have to admire the intricate yet easy to listen to writing and the way In This Moment have made a record that is grower rather than wham bam and goodbye. You need to delve a bit to fully appreciate what they have created here. Do that and you will be soundly rewarded.

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Review by Gary Trueman