Review: Lake Malice – Post Genesis EP

Lake Malice
Post-Genesis EP – SO Recordings
If there’s one thing Devolution can teach you, it’s that it is certainly NOT always the quiet ones. Lake Malice are noisy. They are loud. They are feral. Just because they are not sat in the corner, silently assessing the situation and making taciturn observations which could lead to the downfall of civilisation as we know it, does not, under any circumstances, make them any less deadly. So paracetamol at the ready because ‘Post-Genesis EP’ boils over with rage, riffs and raw ambition. Opener ‘Blossom’ hits with all that it’s got, hurling post hardcore, hefty beats and glass shattering vocals headlong into the record. ‘Black Turbine’ doubles down on the heaviness, with Alice Guala’s vocals soaring up the octaves before she drops them like they’re hot and gets down to business with grit and growling. In just six tracks Lake Malice make a massive impression.

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Review by Jo Wright