Review: Sadness And Complete Disappointment – GBH EP

Sadness & Complete Disappointment


Self Release 

GBH, which are the initials of all three tracks of this EP, is the second release by Sadness & Complete Disappointment. The trio have crafted together a classic grunge offering full of angst displayed through thoughtful lyrics and perfectly placed guitars. ‘Grip’, their first single release, is bewitching and almost trance like. The guitars team with the singing in perfect harmony is hypnotic. Eventually, a psychedelic guitar solo melts into the song, then with the same ease as it disappears again, adding another layer to this track. ‘Barb’ , their second single changes the pace and takes a heavier turn. The drum beat feels like they are marching into this song and from the go piques your interest in where this is going. The guitars come in swinging full of attitude creating an atmospheric backdrop to Esmee Baker’s ethereal and bluesy vocals. Last but not least we have ‘High’ which is an energetic send-off for the record. Vocally more expressive and instrumentally a heavier rock vibe than what came before. Lyrically thoughtful, each track has had a lot to say for itself and each stands alone in style. The guitars really shine, mixing the grunge elements with classic rock-style solos and heavy riffs and then finishing as it all began with singing in perfect harmony. For a three-track EP the band have undoubtedly made an great impression that feels much grander. This is a band to watch and we can’t wait to hear what else they have up their sleeves. 

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Review by Aggy Gillon