Review: Gypsy Pistoleros – Duende A Go Go Loco

Gypsy Pistoleros

Duende A Go Go Loco

Earache Records

Take the cool swagger of the New York Dolls, the red-hot attitude of Guns N’ Roses, add some Ennio Morricone atmospherics, stir in some Romani flamenco and you have the Gypsy Pistoleros, the house band from Tarantino’s Titty Twister bar made whole. Why this band of brothers (and sisters) from Worcester should adopt a decidedly Tex-Mex sound shall forever remain a mystery, but I’m sure glad they did. They’ve been colouring our world with sleazy rock n’ roll for almost two decades and their latest album, Duende A Go Go Loco, teetering glamorously in high heels,continues very much in that vein. Jam packed with explosive riffs, catchy choruses and, of course, their trademark flamenco rumba, this album is a rumbustious ride that rarely lets up over its 10 tracks. The band never use two notes when one will suffice and this gives songs such as ‘Thrill Kill Killer Club’ an edge which cuts like a steely blade. The Gypsy’s are perhaps best known for their cover of that Ricky Martin song, and they pull off a similar trick here. They take on Dexys Midnight Runners at their own game, reshaping ‘Come On Eileen’ in their own image, and win hands down. And on the subject of winning, Duende A Go Go Loco takes the crown.

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Review by Peter Dennis