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Graces Came With Malice – Sign Records

 What better way for a band to celebrate their 20th anniversary than with a spanking new album? Not for nothing are Sweden’s Märvel nicknamed “The Barons Of High Energy Rock ‘N’ Roll” and it’s a moniker they live up to on their seventh full-length, Graces Came With Malice. An amalgamation of Thin Lizzy and Kiss, ‘Slasher With A Broken Heart’ is a raunchy opener (accompanied by equally suggestive lyrics) that’s driven by an irresistible staccato riff and, a prowler appearing at your bedroom window, demands your full attention. Putting the ‘power’ into ‘power trio’ Märvel are a mixture of hard rock and glam metal and have a crossover vibe that’ll appeal equally to fans in both camps and is raucous enough to also attract goths and punks. This is an album that ululates perfectly and mixes full-throttle rockers with moody stompers (and sometimes at the same time) but in whatever guise they appear, it’s always entertaining. Ten tracks in a brisk 35 minutes means that Märvel aren’t hanging around and the Brian May inspired guitars that encase closer ‘Queen For A Day’ ensures the band bow out in truly grandiose fashion. Here’s to the next 20 years!

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Review by Peter Dennis