Festival Feature: The Pulverise Guide To Festival Camping.

Camping at a festival is for many just as important a part of the experience as watching the artists performing on stage. It can be a wonderful place to make friends and tie bonds even more closely with people you already know. There are pitfalls to avoid though. It’s important to understand the basics. Making sure you know how to pitch your tent and to avoid placing it in a hollow that can fill with water if it rains.  Being near enough to the loos but not too near. There’s so much that is common sense but also experience counts for a great deal too. So Devolution teamed up with party-core nutters and seasoned festival campers Pulverise to pass on some handy hints and valuable tips.

What are the essentials to pack for a festival?

“Baby wipes, toilet roll, beer, Rennies if you’re old, self respect at any age.”

If you’re going to bring your own food what are the best things to bring? And if buying food what are your tips?

“You often have to walk a long way from the car park to where you camp so buying food is a good option if you can afford it. It’s easy to bring too much and waste it too. Get yourself a nice coolbox, go to Greggs and stock up. That’ll last you a couple of days. Biscuits are good but if it’s warm don’t bring fish or your tent will smell like Scarborough Pier.”

What are the best drinks to bring along?

“Always bring water no matter how much you like alcohol. You need to keep hydrated so drink water in between the booze. It’ll help with your drinking stamina and help you to stay healthy so you don’t pass out and miss bands.”

What are the dos and don’ts to pack clothing wise?

“Hit Primark, don’t be proud. Buy cheap and it doesn’t matter if your gear gets trashed then. Just spend £20 on shit, you won’t worry about it then. Shorts. Breathable material for your tops. Put a plastic disposable poncho in your pocket in case it rains. Job done.  Bring a hoody for the night time even at a hot summer festival. The temperature can drop off a long way. Leather, latex and rubber isn’t festival wear really. Image isn’t so important you end up feeling ill sweating in a rubber costume.”

What about footwear?

“Wellies or comfortable shoes like trainers for when it’s actually sunny and hot. Combat boots work well in most conditions but make sure any boots are broken in. And heels need to be left at home. Be sensible or you’ll break an ankle.”

What about the campsite spirit where you’ll be pitched next to people you’ve never met before?

“The community is really important. You’re never on your own. Look out for each other, make friends with your camping neighbours. You can make friends for life at a festival.”

Do you have any tips for making sure you can find your tent?

“The best thing is have a big fuck off flag, something unique that no one else has. Having a sober friend helps. When you pitch look for landmarks like a tree or another flag or anything like that.”

What about packing up?

“Don’t be a dick, don’t leave any shit behind. Put rubbish in a bin. Bring bin liners with you to clear rubbish up into. They also make good emergency ponchos too. And buy a good tent and reuse it. So much good stuff gets wasted and left behind at festivals and that needs to change. It’s disrespectful to leave a mess. The disposable festival needs to be a thing of the past.”

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Interview and photos by Gary Trueman