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Feel Good Songs For Oblivion – Self Released

Glam fan or punk? Or do you like your metal with a ‘Nu’ prefix? Are you wanting your ears filled with great slabs of guitar but recoil at all those bands that just make music a technical exercise? If you answer yes to any of those questions then you’ll likely love Feel Good Songs For Oblivion. This is very much a record that leads rather than follows. The vocals are memorably sleazy in a menacing kind of way and form the tip of an assault on mediocrity. There’s a real tongue in cheek sense of humour running through this album too. The subject matter may be topical and serious but the delivery is made more potent by the wry smile you just know Felicia has singing the lyrics. ‘Gammon Lumps’ is a prime example of this. It’s venomous, pulling no punches, and yet it makes you grin.  Having that kind of effect with your writing is a rare talent. The music twists and turns, always tight, always precise and always getting to the point. Nine songs whizz by in the blink of an eye and you immediately hit repeat, discovering more to love on a second visit, then a third. If oblivion is just around the corner at least we’ve got some great tunes to see it in.

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Review by Gary Trueman