Video Premier: Suzi Moon – I’m Not A Man

Suzi Moon is premiering her brand new video ‘I’m Not A Man’ taken from her debut EP ‘Call The Shots’. The Turbulent Hearts singer, song  writer and guitarist legendary for her enrgy packed live shows and passionate lyrics has made a naturally smooth transission to solo artist.

Moon had this to say about the video and its underlying message dedicated to a friend:

“The video is dedicated to my friend who was murdered by her ex boyfriend last year. She was outspoken, brilliant, and encouraged women and men to be open about their sexuality. She had a popular YouTube show and also released a punk rock workout video in 2010 that featured Civet’s music. I just want to not lose that dedication entirely because I want to talk about domestic violence in my post when the video goes up and encourage people to seek help/resources. I really want to make this a part of my life & cause to help others who have been in this situation.

It’s (a cause) definitely dear to my heart. My mom taught anger management/domestic violence classes in Long Beach when I was a kid. She had her own business! I’m looking into organizations I can partner with because that is a cause I really want to get behind and have me a part of my message.

Amie was a sparkling diamond & it’s so tragic hope her life ended. So many women (and men!)(but mostly women!) go through this and get trapped in these fucked up situations. I need to do some work on my part so I can be more educated and help raise awareness to help people… but it’s on the list..

I definitely want to also focus on how important exercise is for mental health! That is one thing that really helped me with the COVID blues. Self care is so important for staying out of the depression hole. Every time I work out I feel better. It’s more just about physical strength, but about giving yourself the time to work out feelings & build inner strength. It’s a positive cycle! When I feel strong & my mind is clear, I feel like I can take on the world!”

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