Exclusive Premiere! Watch London’s Alt/Dark Grunge Outfit ALICEISSLEEPING in haunting “Twilight” video!

Watch London’s Alt/Dark Grunge Outfit ALICEISSLEEPING in haunting “Twilight” video!


Ever since the release of their 2018 debut EP Space Wanders & Bleeding Hearts, Aliceissleeping belongs to one of the most unique acts in London’s music scene today. Fronted by extraordinary vocalist and five-stringed bassist Alice (formerly MAB), the band takes its inspiration from the vast palette of heavy rock, drawing on everything from ’70s prog rock to 90s, while fans of Smashing Pumpkins, Rush and even early Queen will find a nostalgic — if hallucinatory — home in Aliceissleeping.

February 5, 2021 will see the trio release their hotly anticipated debut album, entitled Completely Fine, through Mandrone Records. After Aliceissleeping just recently shared a first sneak peek of their first full-length to the heavy rock anthem, ‘Over and Over Again’ ( listen to the song HERE! ), today Devolution Magazine is thrilled to premiere the band’s haunting, new music clip for their second single ‘Twilight’!

“This song combines furious noise and docile sounds, swinging between darkness and light, blending drone guitars inspired by Sunno)) and Massive Attack.” Alice tells us.

It talks about the unbearable pressure of desire and the inevitability of succumbing to its will. It evokes loneliness and restlessness, but also the beauty of being human. The video we made for this song, although inspired by the lyrics, tells a slightly different story: it is a reflection on our vulnerable and temporary state as human beings, where the future and the past merge in a constant present in which we are fire and light. Our immortalised image will travel through time, but it will carry only an echo of what we were or what we wanted to be.”

Enjoy the brand new video by Aliceissleeping, and watch “Twilight” in an exclusive Devolution Magazine premiere:

Click here to view the Twilight video


 Completely Fine was produced by Aliceissleeping and engineered by Will Maya (The Answer) between England and Spain.

The artwork, inspired by b-movie posters, was created by Federico Salis.

The tracklist reads as follows:
01. Outsiders
02. Felix
03. Over And Over Again
04. Twilight
05. Scary Mary
06. Alien
07. Not Cool
08. Negotiating Sex
09. Lost Girls

Completely Fine
will be released as Vinyl, CD and in Digital formats on February 5, 2021 via Mandrone Records, pre-orders are available at THIS LOCATION!


Aliceissleeping is:

Alice Dionis – vocals & bass     Dan Murroni – guitar     Jon Hare-Winton – drums

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