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Skeletal Remains

The Entombment Of Chaos – Century Media Records

‘The Entombment Of Chaos’? What? They came to Devo’s house? Where laces are knotted not tied and the downstairs toilet flushes ITSELF on the hour every hour? Ah well, possibly not. Because no one within these walls appears to growl as deeply and deadly, nor spit words with such toxic, throat ripping snarling as Skeletal Remains. Not quite, anyway. Or, at least, not yet. Maybe the aural assault that this band whips up will come to haunt us when Devo’s daughter of darkness is told Daddy will NOT buy her a pony. We’ll keep you posted. Anyhoo, back to the task in hand. Gosh, this is full on. Full. On. As the band and track names suggest (‘Enshrined in Agony’, ‘Eternal Hatred’, ‘Stench Of Paradise Burning’), Skeletal Remains are purveyors of finest death metal. ‘The Entombment Of Chaos’ is an awesome effort that is so loud, low, fast and powerful, it’ll turn your face inside out.

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Review by Jo Wright