Review: Huanastone – Third Stone From The Sun











Third Stone From The Sun – Argonauta Records

Ah, doomy, heavy, stoner rock. You know where you stand with this particular niche of music. Or, indeed, where you pass out. There’s plenty of fuzzy goodness in ‘Third Stone From The Sun’ – the second album from Swedish Huanastone. ‘Bad Blood’ is a chance to nod, nay, swing ever lengthening Covid coiffures. And by the way, many of us previously short haired guys and gals are NOT ok at present. The title track takes proceedings to a darker musical level, while the instrumental section in ‘Carnivore’ is like a fever which just won’t break. ‘She’s Always’ gets things relatively radio friendly – for a minute or two – before the guitars lose all sense of reason and awaken the song from its commercial beauty sleep. If this sort of thing is your bag, ‘Third Stone From The Sun’’ will sit nicely with your existing record collection.

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Review by Jo Wright