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Veil Of Imagination – Century Media

No matter what your age or stage in life, when someone yells, ‘turn it DOWN!’ it tends to elicit a self-satisfied grin. The band in question (and your good self) are doing something right. Wilderun, therefore, are bang on the money with ‘Veil Of Imagination’, which is being reissued by Century Media. Opener ‘The Unimaginable Zero Summer’ is deep and meaningful, and has something of a false start, forcing you to turn up the volume and relax into a false sense of security. By the time the track truly kicks in, followed by second track ‘O Resolution!’ coming around, you’ve prepped your speakers with enough firepower to almost rattle your husband’s pens off his makeshift desk and to interrupt a virtual meeting of accountants. Good stuff. ‘Veil Of Imagination’ is good fun too. Not easy to pin down, genre wise. There is a definite folk flavour going on. Orchestral? Certainly. A highbrow intelligence interspersed with metal madness and prog prowess. Give Wilderun a bit of your time, and they’ll repay you with a solid and unique record with plenty to think about.

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Review by Jo Wright