Review: Dead Posey – Malfunction EP










Dead Posey

Malfunction EP – Sumerian Records

Establishment shaking, no sh*t taking duo Dead Posey have constructed a four track chance to hit meaningless noise where it hurts. ‘Malfunction’ comprises of clearly intelligent compositions that use crushing beats, twisted guitars and delectable vocals to play with your mind and get their point across. Danyell Souza’s voice is so sharp it could cut, then cushion the wound with its slight squeal that is as soothing and melodious as it is captivating and unique. ‘Malfunction’ paints an intriguing picture of Dead Posey’s inner thoughts. This EP is sassy and chic, yes – but there’s a lot more to it than that. This pair have a lot of layers, and they put them across beautifully with their music.

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Review by Jo Wright