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Blue Eyed Christ

World On Fire – Distortion Productions

Blue Eyed Christ’s “World on Fire” delivers some sexy ass tunes. As soon as you start listening you become sucked into what promises to be a banging good electronica feast of an album. With heavy and dirty beats, the vocals balance it with a distorted delivery that works with their style and vibe. It takes you on an electro-alternative journey, the first track after the introduction “Stop the show!” draws you into the band’s world with a filthy seduction of sound.  In contrast the following track “America H” takes a steadier bassline to its predecessor. The vocals remain strong and steady as the track progresses building tension as it does. The pacing of the album is interesting, from fast to medium bass lines, it creates a helter skelter of musical storytelling, By the time you hit halfway through the album, ‘Take you to the streets” it starts to develop its main storyline which has an anarchistic tone to it, deliberately pointed at the world we now live in, all demonstrated through music. All in all this album is highly recommended for those who enjoy a dirty drive of alternative music.

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Review by Lucy Slessor