Review: Horisont – Sudden Death











Sudden Death – Century Media Records

Retro warriors Horisont bring the sounds of surf, soul and the sixties and seventies. Succinctly summarised as ‘old is the new new’, this record from the Swedish renegades breaks loose of boundaries. ‘Into The Night’ compels you to drop whatever you’re doing like it’s hot and dance around the house until your troubles are gone. Or until you trip over the dog. Lush ‘Hold On’ sounds as heartbreaking as it is inspiring and encouraging. ‘Sudden Death’ refuses to be held back by trends and dictated to by tastes. Much like the aforementioned Labrador, it does what it wants. And good for Horisont. Who doesn’t need more happy-go-lucky melodies and choppy, jangly chords in their life? Although, as is so often the case in these situations, the inspiration behind the songs is anything but. Expect the unexpected.

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Review by Jo Wright