Review: Naglfar – Cerecloth











Cerecloth – Century Media Records

In the same way that nothing can compare you for the total cost of your food shop at the minute, nothing – and that is to say – NOTHING, can prepare you for ‘Cerecloth’. Dressed before noon, dishwasher emptied, coffee (x3) demolished? Nope, you’re still not ready. From the first flippin’ track, Naglfar tear into their tunes with so much force the word to describe it hasn’t been invented yet. Not even the dictionary is ready for ‘Cerecloth’. This record has pace. It has purpose. It’s black metal proper. Naglfar pummel their instruments with massive amounts of power. All this, fronted by fire-spitting vocals. It’s been an eight year wait for ‘Cerecloth’, and you may well need another eight years to get over it. Naglfar have delivered deliciously tense, eerie-sounding songs that are bold, brave and black. Unsettling never sounded so good.

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Review by Jo Wright