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Black Rainbows

Cosmic Ritual Supertrip – Heavy Psych Sounds

The name – ‘Cosmic Ritual Supertrip’ – we’re not dealing with death metal here. Goth? Certainly not. Pop? Oh come now, have you been drinking? Us at Devo too. We’re not judging. Anyhooo, Black Rainbows deal in trippy stoner psychedelic fuzz. But if that’s not usually your bag, don’t be put off. ‘Cosmic Ritual Supertrip’ is inclusive. Those who enjoy one, more, or all of the alternative sides of music are welcome here. ‘Radio 666’ could be classed as, dare we say, a driving song? Sure, it’s best suited to roadtrips made in a two-seater convertible as opposed to tootling to the shops in an SUV with a dodgy reversing camera and sweetie wrappers everywhere. But you get the picture. ‘Hypnotized By The Solenoid’ clangs and bangs through your skull and will leave you with a massive smile on your face. ‘Master Rocket Power Blast’ is an absolute belter. This is the band’s eighth record, and it’ll chase those clouds away and leave blue sky just for you. What do you mean it’s started to rain? We don’t care. We’re in Black Rainbows country now. Although if someone could get the washing in, that would be great.

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Review by Jo Wright