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Wendy James

Queen High Straight – Self Released

New wave rhythm meets high class pop in this fifth solo outing for the former Transvision Vamp chanteuse. And that’s only just scratching the surface of this massive 20 track opus that also takes in  diverse influences such as punk and blues, jazz and EBM. While the mix may on paper be a bit heady the end product is silky smooth. The title track is a slow burner that caresses and seduces you while ‘Perilous Beauty’ almost joins the circle with its Vamp undertones and attitude. James has always had that confident air and it’s prevalent right through this latest album, even in the softer moments of which there are many. While the early days may have been a roller coaster ride of glitz the now is one of music underscored by class, sophisticated writing and simple unashamed quality. Queen High Straight will appeal to many people and for a whole host of reasons. The sheer scale of this album means there are segments you can chill out to, parts that promote a sing along and if you want to just rock out then you can do that too.  And it all fits together beautifully. Wendy James has moved effortlessly from precocious talent to music icon, and this could well be her best work to date.

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Review by Gary Trueman