Review: The Shrieks – Ode To Joe










The Shrieks

Ode To Joe – Self Released

Guys, wait! You’ve got it wrong. There’s no ‘e’ in Jo! Sorry. Couldn’t resist. Right, onwards and upwards in the form of New York City rockers The Shrieks. Seasoned musicians taking it back to the old school, blending a Rolling Stones vibe with songs that are pertinent, probing and pretty easy on the ear. Just sit back and chill, and let the 13 tracks surround you in a musical cocoon. ‘Give Love’ will get you dancing. The title track will have you listening closer. ‘Ode to Joe’ is fairly quirky and definitely funky. The Shrieks hit us with the sound of NYC, which is, as you would imagine, cool, vibrant and unique. A million miles away from the noises many of us currently have in the background on a daily basis – kids squabbling, washing machine spinning full pelt and the buzzing of that bloody wasp that has somehow made its way into the kitchen. The record is a welcome distraction.

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Review by Jo Wright