Review: Felicia And The Gammon Lumpz – Twisted Fruit










Felicia And The Gammon Lumpz

Twisted Fruit EP – Self released

You can feel the exuberance on this fine EP right from the first note.  It’s a record that is all about self confidence and freedom of expression. The music is a perfect foil for Felicia’s down and dirty style. It has sleaze at its heart but it’s armour is fierce and determined. There’s a Marilyn Manson in Dope Show mode vibe on opener ‘She Who Thirsts’ which sets the tone, and a high bar for everything that follows. The vocals are delivered in a kind of understated way that gives them real emphasis while the lyrics scream and rage. It’s quietly disconcerting, almost venomous, but always great fun. Now we get to the really astonishing bit. The Twisted Fruit EP was recorded entirely by Felicia during lockdown.  That’s all the instruments, synth and vocals, all at home, and the result stands up to anything turned out by a high end studio. The only really sad thing is that we get just three tracks.  This surely is a taster for much more to come though? We can only hope so.

Review by Gary Trueman