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Transcendence – Season Of Mist

Heavy, intelligent, groovetastic, grating and grinding, Theraphosa’s debut album is as deep musically as it is lyrically. To simply tell you ‘Transcendence’ explores religious themes would be lazy journalism. This is a record that tackles highs and lows (notes and concepts). ‘Transcendence’ delves deep into human behaviour – earthly and divine – and provokes a similar action from the listener. Clever eh? You could have it on in the background of your virtual meet up with friends, but you’d be best advised to have your pretend gathering actually revolve around listening to it. The music is clean cut and tight, as you would expect from a band of two brothers and a lifelong friend. Well, would you look at that? No mention in this review of another certain band whose line-up includes brothers, and who Theraphosa are compared to. What? No! Not The Proclaimers. Nor Hanson. Gojira, silly! Oh bugger.

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Review by Jo Wright