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Thulean Mysteries – Byelobog Productions

Thulean Mysteries starts with a dreamy soundscape, that automatically lulls you into a chilled state, setting the tone for the rest of the album. Three songs in and you are transported to what feels like a medieval glen, amidst the beauty of forests, mountains and rivers. As the album progresses you can almost see a story that has been created with music as you are transported through a Norse fairy tale of sorts, which conjures imagery of  mythological creatures, medieval folk and a world once forgotten. As the album progresses it becomes heavier on synthesized sounds which made me think back to Jean Michael Jarre’s earlier work, such as Equinox. The flow of this album is seriously chilled out. Artist Varg Vikernes has created a beautiful album, filled with mellow tunes, with hints of Ed Alleyne Johnson, Pink Floyd and Midori cleverly weaving a story through soundscapes.

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Review by Lucy Slessor