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Bone Cult

Death Electronica – Self released

It’s not often you get an act that instantly gains recognition for innovation from other musicians. It’s also not often a band has a live show that is both unique and memorable for all the right reasons. Bone Cult have already ticked those particular couple of boxes many others never get to. This first full length album gives an insight as to why. It also happens to be something of a gem at the same time. While you don’t get the smoke and light show with the album you do get a sense of Bone Cult’s almost superhuman ability to weld together genres. Let’s not beat around the bush, this is an electronic synth act, with pop/new wave style vocals. And yet metalheads and punks love them. The secret is in the dark nature of how the music works. It’s light but not fluffy, menacing but still immensely danceable. Bone Cult haven’t so much filled a niche as created one no one knew existed. Death Electronica (apt name) represents perfectly what this wonderful combo are about. It’s a snapshot in time of a band that are helping to reinvent synth based music.

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Review by Gary Trueman