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Reflection – Syteria Records/Cargo Distribution

OK, let’s play a little game. What do you miss most about the time before we all got collectively grounded (albeit for the very best of reasons)? Seeing friends and family? Sure. Live music? Mmhmm. Freedom to go wherever you wish whenever you want? Yep. The brain-fryingly busy pace of daily life? Erm. The lack of manners, compassion and basic kindness that were, let’s face it, pretty constant? Mmm. Syteria have got it bang on with ‘Reflection’. Musically – with crystal vocals (lead and backing) slamming, punky guitars and wholehearted tunes/choooons that don’t hang about but get the job done. Lyrically also. ‘The writing’s on the wall/We’re heading for a fall’ ‘Your cupboards may lay bare/Some took more than their share’ (‘Make Some Noise’). ‘Let’s find ways to save this world/Love is what’s required’ (‘Goodbye World’). ‘Reflection’ was written pre COVID. Guys, Syteria point out (via musical excellence), we messed up back then. And listening to their record now it’s all kicked off, it’s still spot on – but in relation to a completely unprecedented set of circumstances. ‘Reflection’ bounds along. It’s clever, chastising, scathing, yet positive. It’s pretty perfect. Let’s hope humanity can get its act together and go the same way.

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Review by Jo Wright