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Cucaracha  EP – Self Released

We all love to just let loose once in a while don’t we?  We all need to just headbang to music that has groove and beat at its heart. Well this EP from Cucaracha will have you leaping around like a lunatic. Reminiscent of those southern influenced bands like Down and All Hail The Yeti Cucaracha are from the UK (Cheltenham)  and are relatively new on the scene. Their big stoner sound gives them an aura of a much more established act. You also have to check that there are just three in the band too. It sounds like they’ve got some extra personnel hidden away somewhere such is the fullness of their delivery. The songs don’t need to push boundaries, the writing is designed more with audience participation in mind. Importantly Cucaracha have their own definitive sound though. Once heard you’ll know it’s them. Key to this is the pitch and tone of the vocals which sit just perfectly in the mix. You can hear every word without the instruments stepping back. And every word is as potent as moonshine.  Big pat on the back for the sound engineer too then. Taking traditional stoner and giving it an upbeat vibe Cucaracha are well placed to do great things.  Buy this EP while you can, it could become a collectors item.

EP is released on March 30th 2020

Pre-order at Bandcamp here.

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Review by Gary Trueman