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Body Count

Carnivore – Century Media Records

You have to love the integrity Ice T has. He’s a genuinely nice guy even if he can be a bit scary to the uninformed. Here on Carnivore he pays tribute to the sadly departed Lemmy Kilmister with a stirring rendition of Ace Of Spades. Elsewhere we get the familiar street wise rap metal that we all know and love. Carnivore sees the ‘T’ man and his band very much in the groove. It’s hard hitting stuff with some seriously tidy work from the knob twiddler on production. The balance on this record is sublime. You can hear every word but the music doesn’t get lost behind that intense vocal. There’s a wonderfully well  judged guest appearance from none other than Amy Lee on  ‘When I’m Gone’ which manages to make full use of both vocalists particular talents to the full.  The result is a hard hitting anti-ballad that deserves to become a huge hit. Body Count have once again put out a work that tricks all the boxes.  They are old hands with new songs and right now the world needs them.

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Review by Gary Trueman