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British Lion

The Burning – Warner Music

Big boots, leather jacket, jeans (probably ripped) and a band tee, or a top with a natty slogan on it. Standard uniform for many of our community, wouldn’t you say? Not the most inviting of attire to the outside world. But who are the people most likely to help elderly ladies put their recycling out? Us. Twice today and counting. Same concept with ‘The Burning’. Pretty brutal title. Implies British Lion are gonna blow the bloody doors off. And sure, if you hit the volume on their second release, you’re gonna do a fair bit of damage. But on the inside this record has a heart of gold. Melodious songs which tell stories and have a message (‘Lightning’), galloping pace (‘Spit Fire’) and tuneful, easy on the ear vocals (the whole damn thing). All with a hefty helping of bass, which you would probably expect from a band that is the side project of Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris. ‘The Burning’ is stoic, honest, old school rock for all occasions – nights out, days in, and exorcising a few demons if you’ve recently overdosed on Suicide Silence.

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Review by Jo Wright