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Stoned Monkey

Stoned Monkey – Argonauta Records

Right then kids, shall we guess what sort of music makes up Stoned Monkey’s debut album? Pop? Here’s a clue. ‘Pain Of Mind’ is a heavy, rhythmic, sledgehammering track that nails your feet to the floor, and focuses all its energy on making you nod your head purposefully and appreciatively. Dance? Well, if you can bust some moves to the solid, crushing and, frankly, creepy riffs of ‘Slow Sickness’, or to the brain-melting, grinding, ultra-deep, eye-watering tones of ‘U Bot’ you’re a better person than I. That’s right. Stoned Monkey are purveyors of …. doooooooom. Doom and sludge with a stoner vibe. No vocals, all clanging chords. And drums thumping against your skull like your drunk and keyless self, banging on the front door to be let in at 1am, only to find the door was not even locked. It’s not for the faint-hearted, which is true of this genre in general, so that in itself should endear it to the doom contingent. Enjoy. And check the door properly next time…

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Review by Jo Wright