Review: Broken Calling – From The Ashes EP










Broken Calling

From The Ashes EP – Self Released

Two questions need asking after just twenty or so seconds of playing ‘From The Ashes’. The first being, ‘can Broken Calling keep up this level of musical power and vocal/lyrical ferocity?’ Yes. Yes, they can. This EP is brutal. The lyrics of ‘Russell (In Memoriam)’ go straight to your heart. ‘Superiority Complex’ is noisy chaos coordinated by growling vocals, bleeping keys and Broken Calling’s omnipresent heavy riffs. ‘From The Ashes’ is full of anger and bile, directed at the outer world and inner self. It’s moving, honest and eye-opening. Rarely can five tracks take on such significance. The second question? Oh, right. Sure. Well, it’s ‘what can we do to ease the anguish?’ ‘Broken’ is a real tough listen – and it’s about even tougher demons. And seeing as tis the season, let’s all try to be the light in what can be pretty dark times and just be nice. Just. Be. Nice. This is a brave record on lots of levels, by a band who should make it big.

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Review by Jo Wright