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Jumpstart Hope – Killing Moon Records

InMe aren’t messing about with half-hearted intros, so today, neither shall we. First track ‘Blood Orange Lake’ comes at you like a backdraft, with menacing vocals that are at points choral, at times vicious. ‘The Next Song’ and ‘For Something To Happen’ are a chance to get your breath back. Although the same can’t be said for Dave McPherson, who spends his time falsettoing all over the place. Then sounding timid and vulnerable. Then singing like he’s gone feral. Quite a talent, no? Listen with your wits about you. Slip into a sweet musical coma at your peril, because Dave will then put the vocal hammer down and shatter your complacent eardrums. The issues driving this record are depression. Anxiety. Shame. InMe give us hope, solutions and companionship. It is this honesty, tethered to raw emotions, that gives ‘Jumpstart Hope’ its edge.

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Review by Jo Wright