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Cell-0 – Silver Lining Music

Have you ever had an experience that transcends words? No! Not that! Well, actually, yes, ok, that. But is there anything else you’d care to mention? How about seeing a dancer so graceful you temporarily lose yourself, and somehow then physically jolt yourself back to reality? Opera’s another one. Getting transported to an indescribable place to then open your eyes and wonder where you have just been. This. Exactly this for ‘Cell-0’. Words don’t do it justice. Apocalyptica are just beyond, well, everything. Four classically trained musicians gracefully knocking seven shades of whatever out of their cellos (and drum kit) on some tracks, caressing them on the rest. There are no vocals this time around. ‘Cell-0’ and, indeed, Apocalyptica as a band, demonstrate what can be achieved if you devote yourself to a craft, and show no fear – but masses of vision.

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Review by Jo Wright