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Versus Me

Continuous – Self Released

This record is a fierce little monster. It will have your arm off given half a chance. Metalcore warriors Versus Me have almost 18,000 Facebook followers at the time of writing, but this record sounds like it was made by a band with 18 million. It’s fearless, ambitious, confident, professional, solid, and all those other adjectives that are so often used but rarely as deserved as in Versus Me’s case. ‘Give Me A Reason’ is a smooth, dreamy opening to the record, followed by brutal, bone-shaking ‘Far Behind’ which will have you checking you are still actually listening to the same band. Rowdy ‘Up At Night’, ‘Moments’ and ‘Flatline’ are hardcore and extreme, with the blows softened intermittently by gentle, soothing vocals. But not for long. This album is noisy and full on. It’s kicking, screaming and petulant, and is worthy of your full attention. Prepare to be wowed, inspired and a little bit scared.

Versus Me – Facebook

Review by Jo Wright