Review: Crystal Viper – Tales Of Fire And Ice










Crystal Viper

Tales Of Fire And Ice – AFM Records

The real world. It’s currently confusing at best, repugnant at worst. It’s full of hate, inequality and, oh, frankly it’s a complete mess. If reality is giving you wrinkles too, unite! Stand tall behind fantasy metallers Crystal Viper. An awesome name for a super hero and an outstanding band. Powerful and pacey across its entirety, with percussion pounding like there’s no tomorrow. It’s classic Crystal Viper too, so if your expectations are as high as Marta Gabriel’s vocal range, you won’t be let down. Fast, loud, shrill, proud ‘Still Alive’ sets the standard. Prepare to bellow out your lungs to ‘Neverending Fire’. Challenge ya not to headbang along to the end of ‘Crystal Sphere’. The songs are inspired by myths and fables, which is exactly what you expect from a band that is fairly legendary itself. This record is full of heart and soul. It’s an absolute beaut.

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Review by Jo Wright