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The Agonist

Orphans – Rodeostar Records

Anyone who may have doubted Vicky Psarakis’ credentials in taking over from Alissa White-Gluz really needs to give this album a good listen. While there are obvious differences in vocal styles Psarakis has stamped her mark on the band and Orphans in a way that is as brutal as those guttural tones of hers. The Agonist aren’t taking any prisoners here. Yet they’ve also managed to make a record with more breadth than they’ve done before. There are some beautifully constructed symphonic passages, little interludes and shock and horror some clean vocals. What it all adds up to is a band that has moved on and matured. Orphans is The Agonists’ most technically adept work to date.  The Canadians have proven here they can’t be killed easily and if anything we might just have seen them find a new strength they never had before.

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Review by Gary Trueman