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II – AFM Records

Put this album on and there’s gonna be a party wherever you choose to play it. Even if it’s through your headphones when walking the dog. You and your bone-loving buddy best get ready for the gravelly, good time rock n’ roll coming your way. CoreLeoni are thrusting the glory days of glam and hard rock into the present. Embrace this nostalgic treat. There is little time to pause for breath. For the most part, CoreLeoni keep ‘II’ racing forwards in a high gear. ‘Standing In The Light’ is a melange of howling and revving guitars. ‘Love For Money’ pelts along at pace. Brace yourself for ‘Open Fire’s’ classic big finish. Steadier, lovelorn ‘No Tomorrow’ has a heavy bit of bite. Familiar titles? The majority of this album features early hits by Gotthard, reimagined by CoreLeoni’s Leo Leoni – one of the founders of the Swiss metal/rock crew. Whatever style of music you are into, ‘II’ WILL make you smile and get your head nodding – and that’s true talent.

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Review by Jo Wright