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Lonely World – A Wolf At Your Door Records

Ethereal/celestial/visceral. Adjectives to describe Acres’ debut album? Yes. Everyday words? No. They are tricky to spell and not a great deal of use in describing beer. ‘How’s your pint, Dave?’ ‘Ethereal.’ See? So, let’s take it back to a level we are all down with. Post-hardcore Acres have a Thirty Seconds To Mars vibe, with a whole lotta backbone. ‘Lonely World’ is like being in Heaven with the angels playing guitars instead of harps. And Acres are leaders in their … field… (groan). The vocals are spot on. The instruments are played with perfection. There are no weak links. ‘Lullaby’ is graceful and elegant. ‘You Are Not’ carries itself with dignity. The title track is stunning. ‘Lonely World’ will stir your emotions. Make you breathe deeply. Maybe even cause you to forget to put the tea on. It’s like watching a flame flicker and dance in a gentle breeze. But we all know how powerful fire can be.

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Review by Jo Wright