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The World Conspires – Self Released

Remember how those old prog rock bands nurdled away with keyboard and six strings providing anything but progressive music?  Well Birdeatsbaby have produced an album that shows them how it should have been done.  Yes the songs are long, dark and often moody.  They’re also full of innovation and wonderfully uplifting at times.  The use of violin as an instrument equal to the others gives this album a lovely ethereal feel and extra depth.  And Mishkin Fitzgerald’s vocal ability, particularly in matching the pitch of the violin, is breathtaking.  There are no other bands around today that you can even begin to compare to Birdeatsbaby.  They haven’t just forged a new path, they’ve just parachuted themselves into the musical tundra so far away from everyone else that they must be considered as unique, and also quite wonderful too.  Here they’ve delivered a set of songs that prove writing something that lasts longer than five minutes can still be cool and that progressive music can be what it claims while still being entertaining.  Eccentric they may be but Birdeatsbaby wear that badge with pride and no small amount of style.  When the world conspires to give us music like this then you can still hope that everything will be fine in the end.

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Review by Gary Trueman