Review: Kiss Kiss Bang – Hearts On Fire EP



Kiss Kiss Bang

Hearts On Fire EP – Self Released

Load up your glasses with whatever alcohol you fancy/can handle, and hold them aloft. Kiss Kiss Bang are in town and these Kentucky boys are making their musical mark – track by bar-filling track. These guys must be a blast live. ‘She’s Bad’ blitzes in, weighted heavy with guitars, and unleashes some serious shock and awe with its killer chorus. Not meaning to sound dramatic, but is it a cliché to declare it potential track of the year? It is? Too late. Damage is done. Thunderous drums smash through ‘When It Rains’, with sweet harmonies that manage to mellow the EP’s hell-blazing blast. ‘Head Change’ is a slow, lazy groove with another ace chorus. Oh, and there’s a cover of Bryan Adam’s ‘Run To You’ too. Always a good thing. ‘Hearts On Fire EP’ is a strong record. It’s varied, it’s full, and there’s a lot of meat on its bones.

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Review by Jo Wright