Review: Awake At Last – The Change


Awake At Last

The Change – Outerloop Records

Driven by a ‘nothing worth having comes easy’ spirit, full of anthems for self-belief, and a resource for self-help, Awake At Last’s solid soul-baring gem sounds young and fresh – and is full of encouragement to live, love and follow your dreams. Not in a tacky meme way. No, no, no. In a full throttle, take no rubbish, rock n roll way. With a bit of a Beartooth vibe and a Fall Out Boy sound, ‘The Change’ is full of go hard or go home hooks, and lyrics that are there for a reason – not a cheap rhyme. ‘More Than Animals’ is choppy and rock chart conquering. ‘Dead Generation’ is flag-flying. ‘Unobtainable’ is spikey and nu-metal-esque. Played live, the arena-worthy keys, coupled with screams in ‘Let Go’ will leave no person un-moshing. So, listen to this album. Be the light. Don’t let any of the meanies inside or outside your head put out that light. Let ‘The Change’ be your fuel to go forward, to fall, and to get back up again. These boys have got your back. You know what? We’ve all got your back xxx

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Review by Jo Wright