Review: Primal Static – The Corrupting Of The Revolution EP


Primal Static

The Corrupting Of The Revolution EP – Self Released

A million miles from mainstream, this is music that truly comes from within. And it’s a privilege that Primal Static share it with the world. This EP has the sound and techniques of the future, yet swirls around music and styles of the past. That’s not even possible, but this alternative electro-rock duo make it so. GT and HouFei are a lethal combination and make music like no one else. You’ve heard something like ‘Velvet Crush’ before? Not possible! Its discordant, primordial vocals yell and howl over visionary beats, bleeps and keys. The dirty, heavy bassline of bluesy ‘Need You So Bad’ rattles through to your bones. Its grinding, grating rhythm relentlessly drives through the track. ‘The Corrupting Of The Revolution EP’ is challenging, dazzling and intriguing. Give it a go. You know you’re curious…

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Review by Jo Wright