Exclusive Video Premiere: Dark Rockers Sabbath Assembly Premiere Brand New, Psychedelic Music Video!

Exclusive Video Premiere: Dark Rockers Sabbath Assembly Premiere Brand New, Psychedelic Music Video!


A Letter Of Red drops April 26th on Svart Records!

April 26th will see Texas/NYC-based dark rock veterans, artist collective SABBATH ASSEMBLY, release their seventh studio album, the hotly anticipated A Letter Of Red. The band’s follow-up to the 2017’s Rites of Passage was recorded at Figure 8 Studio in Brooklyn with Producer Randall Dunn (Black Mountain, SunnO))), Earth).

The new album marks a return to the shortened song form and tight production of their debut, while demonstrating ten years of songwriting prowess and lyrical advancement. The music and lyrics on The Letter of Red tell eight haunting stories, and owe more to the galloping hard rock of the 70’s: Guitarists Kevin Hufnagel (Gorguts) and Ron Varod (Kayo Dot) reference Heart and Judas Priest on the album’s hard rockers, while acoustic moments bring to mind Current 93 and Jethro Tull. Vocalist Jamie Myers (ex-Hammers of Misfortune and Wolves in the Throne Room) performs with the stripped down clarity of Peter Murphy and Siouxsie in the 80’s, bringing a true Gothic tinge to the metal riffs for a totally unique combination!

Today the dark occult rock unit is sharing with us a brand new music video to Ascend And Descend, and exclusively premiering it with Decibel, Sonic Seducer and Devolution Magazine!

Following on the heels of their last advance track, Solve et Coagula ( listen HERE ), Ascend And Descend is another up tempo number with great energy and an overall goth rock/metal vibe. The “two sisters” sung about in the chorus of the song refer to the Egyptian myth of Nephthys and Isis.

The video created by vocalist Jamie Myers, hints at their story, which “weaves in both the bond of sisterhood and masterful deceit, and references their symbolism and the duality of their nature“ the band explains. “Nepthys is the complement of Isis, and thus they are often referred to in the dual: the Two Goddesses of the Hall of Truth, the Two Long-Haired Ones, the Two Serpents, the Two Spirits, the Two Nurses, the Two Weavers, the Two Feathers, the Two Birds, the Two Divine Mothers, the Two Eyes of God, the Two Weepers, the Two Uniters, and the Twins. Make no mistake – the sisters will be heard.”

The overall psychedelic aesthetic lends itself to the story illustrated on the cover of the album, in particular the symbol of the mighty scorpion. The album art itself, painted by Alex Reisfar, has also been blended into the video.

Watch Ascend And Descend HERE!



A Letter Of Red track listing:

1. Solve et Coagula
2. The Serpent Uncoils
3. Worthless
4. Weighing of the Heart
5. Ascend and Descend
6. Hymn of the Pearl
7. From the Beginning
8. A Welcome Below

Set for a release April 26th on CD, LP and Digital formats, the album pre-order has just started at:

In support of their upcoming album, SABBATH ASSEMBLY will embark on an extensive European tour this Spring, with co-headlinig MESSA on selected dates – Watch a tour teaser HERE!

“Blood and Water” Tour 2019:
1-May-2019 FR – Le Grillen / Colmar
2-May-2019 FR – 7er Club / Mannheim *
3-May-2019 DE – Dude Fest / Karlsruhe *
4-May-2019 FR – Glazart / Paris *
5-May-2019 UK – Desertfest / London *
6-May-2019 BE – Music City / Antwerp *
7-May-2019 DE – Ilses Erika / Leipzig *
8-May-2019 AT – Kapu / Linz *
9-May-2019 PL – Alchemia / Cracow *
10-May-2019 PL – Hydrozagadka / Warsaw *
11-May-2019 PL – Into the Abyss / Wroclaw *
12-May-2019 DE – Berghain Kantine / Berlin *
13-May-2019 DE – Hafenklang / Hamburg
14-May-2019 NO – Revolver / Oslo
15-May-2019 SE – Undergangen / Stockholm
16-May-2019 FI – TVO / Turku
17-May-2019 FI – Bar Loose / Helsinki
18-May-2019 FI – Torvi / Lahti
* with MESSA

Jamie Myers – vocals
David Christian – drums
Kevin Hufnagel – guitar
Johnny DeBlase – bass
Ron Varod – guitar

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